’Thank you for your affection’: Pope’s last blessing from window draws crowd

24 Feb

’Thank you for your affection’: Pope’s last blessing from window draws crowd.


Kevin Daniel Annett: the closer the fouler!

23 Feb

Until recently, I would not look on when Kevin D. Annett is disparaged. Principally because I believe human persons should be given a chance, not because I believed in what he said. His logic and psychological state were ever before me to prevent that. However, recent events, leading to more revelations/details concerning the life of this “individual” (if he can be called that despite exhibiting that he is “legion”), I have come to the conclusion that he deserves no place among the sane.

In any case, it seems to me that his desire to draw attention to himself for a very long time has finally been realised with his numerous, yet unfounded attacks on the Catholic Church. One finds here in the life of Kevin only what can be described as nauseating! Do some reading yourself and tell me where this “man” should be at this time!

Kevin Daniel Annett: the Psychological nutcase?

22 Feb

My attention has been drawn to certain publications purportedly made in the name of a certain Kevin D. Annett, specifically on a website called itccs.org.

I recall that an Annett has had issues in the past with authority in the United Church of Canada, and having this Annett from Canada manifesting the same or similar traits has led me to the conclusion that both are the same person.

In these most recent posts, Annett who was thrown out of his Church and ministry has taken up a fight he had with the UCC without recognition. A rather long and acrimonious fight, it left Kevin bitter, and in a way highlighted his multiple personalities that he has since adopted at various points. A visit to the said website (above) shows that he writes articles and puts different names with a view to demonstrating that the itccs is made up of at least some people.

Beyond that, it would be worth noting that Kevin is a noted liar, with a smooth talking ability (until he is angered)! Instead of duplicating his biography here, in which we find he is without credibility and on a quest to acquire power and fame, I call the reader’s attention to the UCC’s website where his entire person and personality is exposed in the tribunal (pun intended) he faced. (http://www.bc.united-church.ca/content/formal-hearing-panel-decision).

If you read all that and still think Kevin Daniel Annett is worth a second look, good luck. 


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