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Kevin Daniel Annett: the closer the fouler!

23 Feb

Until recently, I would not look on when Kevin D. Annett is disparaged. Principally because I believe human persons should be given a chance, not because I believed in what he said. His logic and psychological state were ever before me to prevent that. However, recent events, leading to more revelations/details concerning the life of this “individual” (if he can be called that despite exhibiting that he is “legion”), I have come to the conclusion that he deserves no place among the sane.

In any case, it seems to me that his desire to draw attention to himself for a very long time has finally been realised with his numerous, yet unfounded attacks on the Catholic Church. One finds here┬áin the life of Kevin only what can be described as nauseating! Do some reading yourself and tell me where this “man” should be at this time!

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